Public Relations

Jill and Marc are the go to duo for all things delegates. Jill coordinates and recruits all of the the external delegates from across Canada while Marc is the design genius behind all of the marketing. 




Hey, I'm Jill Sundquist and I'm this year's Vice President Public Relations! Currently, I am in my third year of University, majoring in Business Economics & Law. I love people and having good relations with the public, so I put two and two together and applied for Public Relations! One thing you should know about me is that I am severely directionally challenged, I still get lost on campus in my third year, and just last year cut myself off from using Google Maps to drive to school, so if you're ever stuck in Jasper with me, I wish you luck. My favourite foods are mashed potatoes, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate milk; in no particular order and not necessarily at the same time. I love watching the Bachelor/ette and will chat with anyone about it until they fake a call to get away. I had an amazing time at RMBS 2019 and hope to help give this year's delegates the same unforgettable experience!

My unpopular opinion:

Tacos are overrated.

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc.

My 2AM Don’s Order:

McDouble with small fries, and a half Fruitopia half Sprite of course.




Hey Everyone! My name is Marc Blais and I am the Associate Public Relations for the RMBS 2020 executive team! I am going into my second year at the Alberta School of Business as a marketing major. Outside of school, I am an avid Oilers fan, so I often find myself screaming at the TV. I have recently got into songwriting and music production, so I find most of my free time is either spent doing that or grabbing a drink at Dewey’s. I am beyond excited for RMBS this year. RMBS was by far the highlight of my undergrad so far, and I am very excited to share the experience with new people. If you have any questions about RMBS or just want to vent about the Oilers I am your guy!

My unpopular opinion:

Double denim should not only be allowed but encouraged. And that fanny packs are a stylish fashion choice as well as extremely tactical.

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:

Sony Music Entertainment. Since I can remember, I have always had a strong passion in music and my dream job would be to work in the industry some day. I believe that working in a big media conglomerate with the magnitude of Sony would be extremely interesting. Plus I could meet the greatest artist of our generation. Nickleback.

My 2AM Don’s Order:

Big Mac, two crispy snack wraps, medium fries, and a lot of regret