Canada’s longest running student-led business conference.



Dr. William A. Preshing played an integral role in the beginning of what is now the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. In the early 60's, Dr. Preshing started a mandatory one-day business seminar where local corporate representatives came to the school to speak to students.

A few years later, the one-day conference evolved into a three-day conference which was a requirement for 3rd year students at the time.


After 5 years from its initial conception, faculty enthusiasm wanes and the conference is absent for 2 years.


The conference was revived by a group of students who saw the value such an endeavour could bring to students and to the School. During this time the conference grew to a 5-day event and was held solely at the Banff Springs Hotel. Due to the larger venue, the U of A opened the conference to Out of Town Delegates, initially just allowing a few surrounding universities to attend.


Due to the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, costs, and other reasons, the conference was no longer held in Banff.


With the obvious absence of Banff, the conference was renamed the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar in 1990.


RMBS continues to be an annual student-led business conference and celebrates its 50th year.


The conference enters its 54th year.

In addition to corporate sponsors, RMBS invites Cultivators (corporate delegates) to further help mentor and network with business students.