The Rocky Mountain Business Seminar is Canada's longest-running and most prestigious student-organized business conference . For its upcoming 52nd year, RMBS hopes to once again bridge the gap between business executives and students from across North America  pursuing a future in commerce. 

RMBS allows for education that you wouldn't receive inside of a classroom, giving students the chance to learn not only from today's experienced business leaders, but also through networking with peers from across North America. 

RMBS occurs over Winter Reading Week in the beautiful Canadian Rockies of Jasper, Alberta.  Delegates will enjoy seminar and keynote speakers, a mini-case competition, fantastic nightly events, and three gourmet meals daily.  It will be the reading week experience you will remember for years to come.

Everyone has a story to tell. You have the power to shape it. Attend the business conference unlike any other. Be a part of a legacy left behind by the successful alumni before you.  This February, Spark Your Story. 

Important Dates

Information Session: Oct. 17th 

TORY B W 1 @ 6:00PM. There will be free pizza! Come out and learn exactly what will be going down for this year's 52nd Rocky Mountain Business Seminar!

Sign-Up: November 4th

BUS 1-10 @ 6:00PM. For sign up you must have: a partner of the same gender (if you don't have a partner email us and we can try and coordinate one for you), your resume, your Government of Alberta ID, your student ID, Health Care card, credit card, and half of your deposit in either cash or cheque ($275). If you do sign up and are later unable to go, don't worry! Just find someone to take your place, and we will be able to give you a full refund.