Taking on the task of communicating with our corporate partners this year will be Sid Gupta and Rachel DeMarco. Both are ambitiously ready to approach the challenge and bring forth great opportunities to work with great organizations.


The Best: Guy Fieri, LeBron James, and Friday Night Lights 

The Worst: Pickles, Ben Stiller, and people who talk during movies. 

Bio: Hi, everyone! My name is Sid Gupta and I am the VP External for RMBS 2017. In coordination with Rachel DeMarco, I work to bring this conference an incredible line-up of industry professionals and today's business leaders to ensure that the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar carries forward its excellence from prior years. 

RACHEL DEMARCO - associate

The Best: Big dogs, Italian food, and typing leading phrases like "i hate it when" into google and reading the search suggestions.

The Worst: When the conditioner slides off your hand before you can get it in your hair, how the last bowl of cereal from the bag is just dust, and people who haven't turned off the "keyboard click" on their cell phone.

Bio: Ciao! My name is Rachel DeMarco and I am one of the Rachel D's on our team! As the Associate External, my position entails coordination with the VP, Sid, in contacting sponsors to fill our conference's speaking and monetary needs. I am extremely excited for you to meet our amazing corporate sponsors and experience everything RMBS has to offer!