Meet the team bringing outstanding speakers and business professionals out to the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. This Pro-Networking duo is to thank for funding the event and securing our amazing sponsors.





Hello! I'm Hassan Mulji, and I am the VP External for RMBS 2020. I am majoring in Accounting and am pursuing minors in Mathematics and Strategic Management and Organization. If I'm not in the library, you can catch me running or reading a great book! RMBS was one of the most exhilarating and motivating experiences during my undergraduate degree. It's inspiring to see the lasting positive effect this conference has had both on myself and others, so please reach out if you have any lingering questions or if you’d just like to say hi! See you in February!

My unpopular opinion:

Anything fewer than four “ha”s in a “hahahaha” text is rude.

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:


My 2AM Don’s Order:

Junior Chicken & a Double Cheeseburger with a large Apple Juice





Hey! My name is Brett Eigner and I am the Associate External for RMBS 2020. I am majoring in Operations Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am an outgoing person who does not shy away from getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. The role as Associate External has already taught me so much and has given me the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and a student. I am a curious person who loves reading and listening to podcasts about anything and everything. If you ever want to talk about podcasts or craft beer I am your man! I love meeting new people and if you ever see me around don't hesitate to come say hi!

My unpopular opinion:

Brooklyn 99 is better than The Office

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:

Amazon or Netflix. Being able to see how things work would be amazing.

My 2AM Don’s Order:

It would probably be a 20pc McNuggets meal.