Our executives who spend countless hours crunching numbers, running massive events, and securing our venues. Without the skill of Events, Finance, and Logistics, Rocky Mountain Business Seminar could not be possible! They are also a very cool bunch of people- see for yourself below!

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Hey! My name is Isabel and I’m so excited to be the VP Events for RMBS 2020. My tentative major is Business Economics and Law. I love when events are organized meticulously and run smoothly which makes me perfect for the role of VP Events. When I’m not on campus, you’ll find me teaching piano, watching HGTV or eating tons of chocolate. Travelling has always been my favourite part of spring and summer break. One destination on my bucket list is Madagascar so I can hangout with some lemurs. I loved attending RMBS last year and I’m thrilled for a new group of students to get to experience it and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did!

My unpopular opinion:

Dogs are scary!

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:

Final straw. I’d love to help clean up the oceans and save some animals!

My 2AM Don’s Order:

Fries and lots of ketchup.

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Hi, friends! My name is Sonia and I am the VP Logistics for RMBS 2020. My major is accounting and my minor is International Business. As someone who enjoys researching and planning, I am very much looking forward to taking on the logistics role and helping to make RMBS 2020 the best yet! RMBS 2019 was an unforgettable experience where I was exposed to an environment that can’t be replicated in the classroom, something that I hope to share with this year’s attendees. When I’m not at school, you can either find me on the rugby pitch or on a soccer field. Travelling the world to experience new cultures, foods, and people is another one of my passions.

My unpopular opinion:

I really dislike The Office.

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:

I would like to experience being an owner of a small mom and pop shop or boutique in a beach town. The satisfaction of owning your own business while still having to take care of all of the hands-on tasks would be very unique. Also, who doesn’t like the beach!

My 2AM Don’s Order:

Any sort of chicken sandwich.




Hey Everyone, my name is Robbie Yamada and I am the VP Finance for RMBS 2020! I am an Operations Management Major and Accounting Minor (Accounting was my major until this past summer lol). Being decent with numbers and math allows me to make sure I keep my teammates on track in terms of spending so we don't go broke. If I'm not at school or doing finance things for RMBS, I'm usually working, hanging out with friends or trying to study. A few things you should know about me is that I play hockey, have an addiction to shoes (I call it a passion), and started my own business in the summer. I'm really excited to be part of RMBS this year and hope you all have as great of an experience as I did last year!

My unpopular opinion:

Oilers will win a cup within the next 4 years.

If I could be CEO of a company it would be:

Nike or Disney.

My 2AM Don’s Order:

McChicken sub mayo for Thai sauce.