Shannon Springate

Manager, Marketing and Communications, Picton Mahoney Asset Management

Shannon is a Marketing and Communications Manager for Picton Mahoney Asset Management, a boutique hedge fund firm specializing in authentic hedge and liquid alternative products. She is responsible for creating and executing innovative Marketing strategies, as well as leading a team of creative brand champions.

Entrepreneurial and business-minded by nature, Shannon is also a certified personal trainer and nutritional therapist who owns and operates a health and wellness company on the side. In the past, Shannon worked as the English Public Relations Manager for Club Méditerranée, serving locations throughout the Caribbean, African and European zones.

She holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, and a Marketing and Communications certificate from Ryerson University.

In her spare time, Shannon is an avid traveler, a personal blogger, and a volunteer for Toronto’s One More Wear foundation. She strongly believes that by using your differences to make a difference, you can truly make a unique impact on the world!