Public Relations

Mark and Brandon are the go to team for all things delegates. Mark is the Photoshop genius behind all of the marketing while Brandon coordinates all the external delegates from across Canada. Together, they're the best hype team you could ask for. 


Mark Jensen


Howdy folks! The name’s Mark and as VP Public Relations I’m at the helm of all things marketing for this year’s Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. I am an MIS major, Comp Sci minor, and professional gamer, so to say I’m a tech fan would be a bit of an understatement. But if I’m not hidden away in the computer labs of ASoB, I’ll probably be at the U’s climbing wall, Dewey’s, or just hanging out in the Business Lounge practicing my networking skills for RMBS! If you want to get a sense for how hyped I am for this year’s conference, I literally installed a “Countdown to RMBS” app on my phone and computer, I hope to see you there too!

Best of Webb:

The free points I get from him in fantasy sports, honestly it’s just a cakewalk against him. He’s also about the best case competition partner you’ll find, an absolute monster, judges beware.

Biggest Pet Peeves:

The microwaving of non-microwavable safe containers, the bourgeoisie, and when people try to tell me how to style my beard.  


Brandon Webb


Heya everyone! My name’s Brandon Webb, but you can just call me Webb. I am the Associate Public Relations for this years seminar which means I am the main point of contact for all of the external delegates from across Canada. RMBS was definitely the highlight of my year and I am super proud to be working on the executive team to bring you guys the best conference ever. I am going into my second year of business with a major in Business Economics. When I’m not around ASoB, you can find me at the Delta Upsilon house hanging with my brothers or screaming at my phone because I suck at fantasy sports.

Best of Mark:

Mark can rally anyone to any cause. If he wanted to, I bet you he could make a bunch of Flames fans hail McDavid as their god.

Pet Peeves:

People that think poker is a sport, that one baby that screams on a plane and people that try to get on the train before I get off.