Managing the Public Relations side of the team will be Jenny Wang and Seth Van Camp. Jenny will be coordinating all of the external delegates attending the conference and Seth will be developing excitement around ASOB for our conference this February. A creative fusion helps keep this team cohesive and efficient.


The Best: The perfect pitch in slo-pitch, making videos, and DIY Projects

The Worst: Leaving things in your pockets when they go through the wash, putting socks on when your feet are wet, and having a single bathroom switch that turns on both your light and your fan.

Bio: Hey friends! My name is Seth and I am your VP Public Relations this year. This means that essentially I will be your go to contact for any questions you may have about RMBS so we can make this our best conference yet! I look forward to meeting all of you and if you see me in the halls, come say hi! 

JENNY WANG - associate

The Best: Spontaneous road trips, finding the perfect comfortable spot when reading a book,and Nutella

The Worst: Forgetting about that last step when walking down the stairs, needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie, and finding out you're allergic to Nutella

Bio: Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I am your Associate Public Relations for the upcoming RMBS 2017. I will be the primary contact for the external delegates across Canada. I am incredibly excited to meet all of you and if you have any questions, whether you are from the University of Alberta or not, feel free to contact me!