Rounding out our diverse team is Sarah Simoes: a charismatic individual with great ideas and organization, Rachel Day: an organization wizard committed to coming up with the fun events that take place during RMBS, and last but certainly not least, Corey Battiston: a lover of numbers who is committed to keeping RMBS on budget. 

sarah simoes - VP logistics

The Best: Being covered in a blanket that just came out of the dryer, fresh layered butter popcorn, and a color coded closet.

The Worst: Line-ups, slow drivers in the left lane, and when no one eats the last piece of food on a shared plate.

Bio: I am your VP Logistics this year. I am here to make sure all the details before, during, and after the conference are taken care of. I am so excited for you all to attend RMBS and I hope that all of our hard work gives you an unforgettable experience! I love questions and suggestions, so please do not hesisate to contact me!

rachel day - VP events

The Best: Naps, Larry David, and well groomed eyebrows.

The Worst: Running, people who think they are better than others because they're vegan, and tiny dots clustered together.

Bio: Hi! I'm Rachel Day, one of the two Rachel D's on this year's RMBS team I'm VP Events for RMBS 2017, so my position is very delegate-focused. I ensure that the conference has a balance between business and pleasure by organizing theme nights, entertainment and parties for students and corporates alike! 

Corey battiston - VP Finance

The Best:  Hiking, Bloodline, and the feel of a new toothbrush

The Worst: Getting woken up before your alarm, rainy days, and slow walkers

Bio: Hi! I do the addition and subtraction on the club! I am thrilled to be a part of RMBS this year and help deliver this amazing event!