External Relations

Meet the networking pro Brandon. He's very excited to be working with all of our corporate partners this year as

he schedule's the best keynote speakers you've ever heard.  

Brandon Vu-Pham


Hey there! My name’s Brandon Vu-Pham, but most of my friends just call me B.Pham (rolls off the tongue much easier doesn’t it?) I’m the Associate External for the 2018 conference and I’m ecstatic to be a part of an organization with a legacy like RMBS. I’m going into my second year of accounting, but when I’m not balancing debits and credits I love to play basketball. I’m always down to talk and play hoops, but if you’re a Warriors fan we might have a problem. I love being outdoors, swimming and hiking mountains, so you’re definitely going to see a big smile on my face when we all go down to Jasper together. I made life long memories with some incredible people at RMBS 2017 and my goal is to make this year’s conference even better!

Pet peeves:

Basketball hoops with no nets, kids that always sniffle during midterms, and the fact that Reggie from Riverdale was recast :(