External Relations

Meet the team bringing outstanding speakers and business professionals out to the Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. This Pro-Networking duo is to thank for funding the event and securing our amazing sponsors.


Evan Ferguson


Hey! I’m Evan Ferguson, and I’m the VP External for RMBS 2019. I am majoring in Accounting and have minors in Economics and SMO. Besides RMBS, BSA and studying, the rest of my free time is spent coaching hockey, hanging out with friends, going up to the mountains or at yet another networking event off campus. I am always down to go for a drink and am so happy to talk with you about RMBS, BSA, ASOB, or any other acronyms you can think of.

3 Things You Should Know About Me:

1.     I’m an Oilers Fan all the way.

2.    I drink way too much Ice Coffee for my own good

3.    I am also your Vice President Academic on the BSA.

Best of Conor

Conor is always down to grab a drink and watch sports, which I appreciate. He has an obsession with the Washington Capitals, and at almost any point, you can catch him wearing something branded by them. We have the exact same taste in music and he is a smooth talker and fast on his feet!

Get In Touch: jefergus@ualberta.ca


Conor Fraser


Hey Everyone! My name is Conor Fraser (I know one “n” looks weird but it’s all I’ve got) and I’m the Associate External for RMBS 2019! I’m currently a majoring in Finance while minoring in Marketing. During the school year, I’ll be playing on 2 soccer teams, ball hockey and hopefully get to the mountains to ski! RMBS changed my entire outlook on the school of business and I couldn’t be more excited for this year’s group to enjoy it as much as I did. The first year in Business can seem quite overwhelming at times and if you have any questions or concerns (or you just want someone to rant to) please come to me!

Three Things You Should Know About Me:

1. I’m a HUGE Washington Capitals fan (the wall in my room is proof trust me)

2. I’ve got 5 times more cousins than is probably normal

3. I’m insanely competitive but I’m always down for a challenge!

Best of Evan:

Evan knows practically every single student in the school of business and goes above and beyond to get to know them better. You can always find him in BUS lounge socializing like crazy or helping other students with their assignments, (yes that includes me too he’s a genius). He’s a genuine guy that you’d be lucky to know and he’s the true embodiment of the Alberta School of Business.

Get In Touch: chfraser@ualberta.ca