Diana Wyley

Recruitment & Talent Management Professional, Xerox

Diana Wyley is an inspiring and innovative Recruiting and Talent management professional at Xerox Canada.  At Xerox, with the support of a strong performing team and first-class training Diana has created her own path – building the career she aspires to while having the life she wants – mother of two children, wife, author, motivational speaker and an active contributor to the communities in Western Canada that she works and lives in.

Diana spent five years as a successful Sales Executive and six years as a Field Sales Training Manager. In her current role: Recruiter and Talent Management at Xerox Canada, Diana is known for her creative recruiting strategies and mentoring others for success. Diana leverages her strong relationships with colleges, universities and student unions in Western Canada to recruit top talent and champion diversity in the workplace.


As a frequent key note speaker Diana easily engages her audience with her positive energy and practical advice. She encourages business students to take control of their career and be open to new opportunities. Diana demonstrates the exciting opportunities a sales career can offer while highlighting the flexibility it allows, ensuring a rewarding career doesn’t come at the expense of one’s life.

Working for the largest business process management company in the world, Diana recognizes the potential in everyone she meets to be a part of Xerox’s world class team – employee, partner or customer. This is why Diana ensures that she personally responds to every application or inquiry she receives, supporting her reputation as a respected recruiting professional and trusted business partner.