8:30AM | Beauvert A

Breakout Session


Emily Block | UofA | Signal

Amy Power | Rohit | Pyramid BC

Moneeb Hussian, Cassidy Blair and Tanya Mastaller | CWB | Pyramid A

Case Competition - Presentation


Our delegates have worked hard to deliver this Fountain Tire Sponsored case.

Judges, please check your email for more information.

Other corporates are welcome to watch the Finals @ 12:15 PM


1:00 PM | Beauvert A

Afternoon Keynote: CPA - Jason Labonte

2:00PM | Beauvert A


Free Time

3:30 PM

Prepare for Hu Harries Banquet and Hollywood Glam Casino Night

Hu Harries Banquet

6:00 PM | Beauvert B

Evening Keynote: EF Global - Elroy Fimrite

7:30 PM | Beauvert B


EF Global presents: Hollywood Glam Casino Night

8:30 PM | Mary Schaffer

Free Time

10:30 PM

Hospitality Suite

11:00 PM - 2:00 AM | Tent City