First in line are the captains of the ship: Aaron and Eden. Both could not be more pumped to make the 53rd year of RMBS the best one yet. We're pretty sure Eden's first word as a kid was "RMBS" and Aaron bleeds that RMBS royal blue. 


Aaron Hagen


My name is Aaron Hagen and I am one of the Co-Chairs for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. I am an Operations Management major/MIS minor going into my second year of business. When I’m not pulling all-nighters studying in the Business Lounge, I like to get active! Running, volleyball, baseball, you name it. Other things about me you should know is that I’m a big fan of board games, yoga, and spending way too much money at Starbucks! I love connecting and meeting new people so if you see me around campus feel free to say hi or stop by the RMBS office! (We can go get Starbucks)

Best of Eden: 

The best thing about Eden is by far her dogs. Their names are Sophie and Ivy and honestly, sometimes I get more excited to see them than I do her. I also love that she’s literally always down to go get ice cream, those are the kinds of people you keep in your life.

Biggest Pet Peeves:

Slow walkers, people who walk side by side, and people who stand in the middle of the hallway. I’ve got long legs and 3 minutes to get to CCIS for my lecture!


Eden Lane


Hi! My name is Eden and I am one of the Co-Chairpersons for this year's Rocky Mountain Business Seminar. I am a Marketing major and social media junkie – both of which feed my addiction to fashion, makeup and hair. Things that contribute to making my day 100% better; are waking up to a full pot of coffee, adventures with my friends, a great playlist and coming home to my two favorite pups! I couldn't be more excited to be working on RMBS this year and I can guarantee that this team is going to make it as memorable as possible.

Best of Aaron:

The best thing about Aaron is his height. I can wear heels and not feel too tall, I’m also never late when walking anywhere with him because I have to run to keep up!

Biggest Pet Peeves:

People who don’t have to wear sunscreen, when the icing on a donut gets stuck in the bag, chipped nail polish and flat pillows.