Spearheading the 52nd year of RMBS will be Chantelle Bryce and Daylan Romaniuk. A duo of many talents and a vast amount of experience between the two, both bring creativity and charisma to make this year's conference the best one yet.


The Best: RMBS, The first scoop of peanut butter from a new jar, How it smells after it rains.

The Worst: Eggs.  Literally any kind, when you run for the bus and still miss it, and throwing away perfectly usable technology because it's "outdated".

Bio: Believe it or not, this is my third RMBS, and as Co-Chair I can't wait to make the 2017 conference the best one yet! My job is to provide the strategic direction for the executive team and overall vision for the year - I look forward to making sure RMBS 2017 lives up to its reputation of being "the best week of your undergrad degree".  See you in Jasper!

daylan romaniuk

The Best: RMBS, Travelling, and Pocket Squares. 

The Worst: Morning classes, using your instead of "you're", and Whipped Cream

Bio: I love RMBS so much that I am, alike my co-chairperson Chantelle, coming back for my third RMBS. I've gained experience through my experiences as a delegate and most recently as VP Finance. It is my duty to help each portfolio meet their goals while helping steer the strategic direction of the conference.