Catharin Eure

CEO,  Futurist: AR/ VR / XR Global Brand Director, Dean of Innovation LCAD

Catharin Eure is the CEO of X-ist, a global business-brand strategy and design development firm that works with startups, alternative energy and established business groups to gain market dominance, acquisition or IPO (the electric motor in the Chevy Volt is one of the firms most prominent OEM success stories).

In addition, as Dean of Innovation - LCAD, she teaches digital product
development, UI/UXD, Virtual + Augmented Reality and design innovation and communication.

Catharin is also a Google StartUp judge and mentor, the Design UXD lead for the K5-UCI Portal, USC Accelerator Lab, Invited speaker at the Hong Kong-Digital innovation Summit and serves on various boards.

Prior to coming to California she was Director of Marketing and Creative Services for Delta Airlines, Leisure Division. responsible for marketing business and brand partner programs inclusive of American Express and Walt Disney World (National and Global - Walt Disney Europe -Paris). She has worked in NYC, ATL, Miami and Europe.

Catharin received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), with business courses at Brown University.

She currently completed her Masters of Science in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management with a concurrent User Experience Design degree MS-IAKM, UXD (2017)